Cacique Coffee Company

Our Story

Our Story starts in the Mountains of Central America nearly fifty years ago. Inspired by one man’s passion and love for coffee, our mission is to carry on the legacy of our family patriarch, Nilo Argueta. For three generations, our family has cultivated coffee from self sustained, organic sources.
Nilo was a true entrepreneur at heart, dedicated to providing for his family he made his living by selling various products, including coffee beans, to local co-ops in his home state of Morazin, El Salvador. He soon discovered his true passion – coffee – and purchased a small piece of land in 1959 to begin farming coffee beans. His goal was to give back to his local town of Arambala, not only through providing a superior product, but also by employing as many of his family, friends, and neighbors as he could. From his very first day in his new business venture, Nilo’s focus was on others – he wanted others to discover his passion while making their lives better.
Nilo’s story is one of perseverance. By 1980, his business was thriving. He had grown him farm to 40 manzanas (nearly 70 acres). Unfortunately, the dawn of the Salvadorian Civil War was also here. Nilo remained neutral in the war, urging both sides to find common ground. Unfortunately, by remaining neutral, his farm became a place for guerillas to hide. The government got wind of this and responded by bombing Nilo’s farm. Nearly 70% of his farm was destroyed. Led by Nilo, his six children joined the family business and together his farm was rebuilt. It is on that original land, that has been touched by every member of our family, where we grow our beans today in hopes of sharing Nilo’s passion, his drive, and his determination with you.

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